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The Best Week of Your Life…Online


Worldview at Home is our virtual engagement platform for students. We know nothing online can replace the camp. We aren’t trying too, this is new and different.

Designed for Students
Built for teens 13 or older Worldview at Home is for first time students or alumni of our leadership camps anywhere in North America.
Key Curriculum
The focus is on our core curriculum concepts: worldview, evangelism, apologetics, and servant leadership. Students will engage with key ideas and big thoughts. Thinking hard about what it means to live in light of a biblical worldview.
Live Discussion Groups
One of the best ways to learn is by talking ideas through with peers. Worldview at Home features guided, age-based discussion groups for students to unpack & wrestle with
Engaging Interaction
We have prioritized engagement and interaction. Live, discussion-oriented environments so that students can interact with our faculty, our college-aged staff and peers as they learn and discover new concepts.
Notebook & Resources
We’ll mail you a Worldview at Home student notebook filled with resources and valuable content as well as plenty of space to take notes.
Exclusive Content
As a Worldview at Home student you’ll have access to exclusive perks and bonus content just for you.


Students must be 13 or older.

“Worldview at Home is addicting. I can’t get away from the lecture content and discussion interaction to eat because it is SO GOOD!”
-male student

Topics & Sample Schedule

Servant Leadership

The Nature of God and Man

Sacred/Secular Dichotomy

Key to Scripture

Beauty, Arts & Aesthetics


Creation vs Evolution



Consequences of Ideas

Image of God

Jurisdiction & Authority

Faith & reason

Critical Thinking & Epistemology

Cultural Contribution


Sunday 4:30 – 6:30 | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 – 1:00 | Friday 9:00 – 12:30

All times are Mountain Daylight Time

Faculty for Worldview at Home

Earn College Credit

Worldview at Home qualifies for up to two hours of transferable college credit through Corban University! Concurrent enrollment with Corban in advance required. See the bottom of our Resources page for details. Students will be required to pass an exam administered by Worldview Academy.

Sessions Available

Session 1: Week of June 28 – July 3 FULL!
Session 2: Week of July 5 – 10  FULL!
Session 3: Week of July 12 – 17 FULL!
Session 4: Week of July 19 – 24 FULL!
Session 5: Week of July 26 – 31 FULL!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Worldview at Home only for students who were registered for camp?
Worldview at Home is open for all students! Even if you were not registered for camp this summer you can register for Worldview at Home.

My student has never attended Worldview Academy before, is Worldview at Home a good place to start?
Yes, we’ve designed it to welcome both first time students and Worldview Alumni. The curriculum is accessible to new students and builds upon what alumni have already learned.

What age is Worldview at Home for?
Worldview at Home is for teens before college-just like our Leadership Camps. Our faculty are excellent at communicating complex ideas to students. Ultimately you know your student best and when they are ready for discussions like Worldview at Home encourages.

How much does it cost?
Worldview at Home is $349 per student for the week. This all-inclusive price includes • T-shirt • Program Activities • Daily Updates for Parents • Worldview at Home Student Notebook and Materials. Students who were registered for a camp in the 2020 season by May 22, 2020 will receive $50 off for a special rate of $299.

Will my scholarships, credits, or Early Bird rate from my camp registration transfer to Worldview at Home?
No, Worldview at Home is a separate registration from Worldview Leadership Camps. At this time, there are no scholarships available.

How does this impact the cycle of faculty and curriculum at camp?
One of the best features of Worldview at Home is that we aren’t limited by geography! This means we can have faculty from all three teams, together! There will be new or reformatted content from faculty designed to dovetail with our camp rotation and not mess it up. Students who attend camp in 2019 and 2021 with Worldview at Home in the middle will learn great things without a disruption to the cycle.

My student is tired of web calls. Is this just another one?
We understand web call weariness has set in so we have prioritized engagement and interaction. All students will be actively engaged in discussion because Worldview at Home is live and interactive.

What kind of computer equipment will I need?
You’ll need a computer, tablet or phone equipped with a microphone and a web camera. In addition, you’ll need a stable internet connection capable of handling video conferencing. If you’ve ever successfully called someone over Zoom, FaceTime or similar apps, then you have what you need.

How big are the discussion groups?
Discussion groups are limited to maximize conversation with your fellow students and discussion group leader.

What do you teach?
Students are trained in Servant Leadership, Apologetics, and Worldviews. They are immersed in the core essentials of Christian teaching and how it compares to other belief systems. Please see our statement of faith for doctrinal questions and download our Key Concepts for the heart of the curriculum we teach.

What is the cancellation policy?
All deposits for Worldview at Home are non-refundable. Students cancelling more than 10 days prior to their session will be refunded their entire fee, less the registration deposit. Students cancelling within 10 days of their session will forfeit the entire fee. Please cancel with us over the phone (800.241.1123) or by emailing [email protected].


Have more questions? Reach out and ask.