When We Wonder Why

When We Wonder Why

Do you ever ask “why?” Have you wanted to ask God why, but not sure if you can? Do you know what to say to others who are asking why. Join Andy Frye as he unpacks what it means for Christians to Wonder and ask Why, especially during hard times like COVID-19.

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Webinar Speakers

Andy Frye (Faculty @Worldview Academy)

Andrew Frye lives in Grants Pass, Oregon with his wife Terry and their two children. He is the department chair for social studies at Grants Pass High School and an adjunct professor at Pacific Bible College in Medford, Oregon where he teaches apologetics and politics. He has served the church as a worship leader, elder, and teacher. Andrew is a James Madison Fellow-Scholar and holds a MA (Liberal Studies) in history and political philosophy from Excelsior College, where he did work at Georgetown University and Oxford University, England, and a B.A. in history from San Diego State University. He enjoys soccer, music, and good coffee.