Navigating Storms of Uncertainty

Worldview in a Time of Wonder and Worry: Navigating Storms of Uncertainty with Micah Gibson


Here is a replay from the live webinar we hosted Navigating Storms of Uncertainty with Micah Gibson. This free webinar offers a perspective and framework to help Christians be purposeful in their influence and intentional with their leadership. This is specifically meaningful in light of the COVID-19 pandemic—a pain felt globally right now.
You can watch a replay of the Webinar below.


  1. What does leadership look like in times of severe uncertainty?
  2. How should we think about our influence?
  3. How should we make decisions?
  4. What are some practical actions we can take to keep us from simply drifting with the culture, but rather continuing to influence for Christ?


Micah Gibson has been involved with Worldview Academy since 2005 as a student, Discipleship Staff member, and member of the Faculty of Theology. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2012 with a bachelor’s of arts in history, and has taught at middle school and high school levels in classical schools. Micah joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 2014 and currently serves as faculty at the Worldview at the Abbey bridge year program in Cañon City, Colorado.