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You are about to embark on a journey that will change you forever…

Worldview Academy MasterClass is a powerful program created by veteran faculty member Brandon Booth to equip Christian adults with a deep understanding of biblical worldview. Each class combines high-level academics with friendly, personal dialogue. It’s not just a class, it’s a community.

Designed for busy adults
We know that you have lots of things competing for your time. So we’ve balanced the classwork and reading requirements to be achievable but still challenging.
Modular and connected
Take one class or take them all, it’s up to you. Each class is self-contained so they can be taken in any order. But they are also categorized by topic and difficulty level so you can tackle a big topic step-by-step if you prefer.
Learn from the Masters
There’s no question that reading makes you smarter. Especially when you’re reading masters like C.S. Lewis, J. Mark Bertrand, Timothy Keller, G.K. Chesterton, and many many more.
Live online classes
No more talking heads. All classes are live, and discussion-oriented environments so you can interact with your instructor and your fellow classmates face-to-face. Watch a sample of real class here!
Personalized guidance:
True education can only be done in the context of a relationship. Which is why our instructors are experts in their field who really care about you. You’ll always have access to your instructor, so you’ll never get stuck.
Exclusive content
As a student in a MasterClass you’ll have access to exclusive reading guides, bonus content, and most importantly, friends who you can dialogue with throughout the week.

Available classes

Students must be 19 or older. Group and family rates are available upon request.

Classes Offered

~ 16 Week Classes ~
Worldview 101: Forming A Complete Christian Worldview

Worldview 201: Theological Engagement with Contemporary Culture

~ 6 Week Classes ~
Theology 101: How to Read the Bible

Literature 101: Fairy Stories Say it Best

What past students say about Worldview Academy MasterClass:

Atalie Bale, Church Youth Leader:
“I think of myself as someone who likes to think, probe, and understand, but Worldview Academy MasterClass took me to a whole new level! These classes have given me the confidence I needed to venture into conversations with people of differing viewpoints with an attitude of love, without sacrificing truth.”

RosaLee Hagstrom, Professional Educator and Home School Consultant
“This class was a great experience of being exposed to some new material about worldview and a wonderful opportunity to bounce ideas off of other people about the content. I highly recommend it!”

Class descriptions in depth

Worldview 101: Forming a Complete Christian Worldview

Class Description: This class introduces the concept of worldview and explores the uniqueness of a biblical worldview in contrast with all other worldviews. Next, it teaches advanced critical thinking and discussion skills and prepares students to be Christlike, servant leaders. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements of a biblical worldview and practice critical thinking and leadership skills.


  • Unit 1: Biblical worldview distinctives and critical concepts. You’ll read:
  • The Deadliest Monster by J.F. Baldwin
  • Rethinking Worldview by J.Mark Bertrand
  • Unit 2: Evangelism and apologetics skills. You’ll read:
  • Tactics by Greg Koukl
  • Unit 3: Servant Leadership. You’ll read:
  • The Greatest Among You: A Student’s Guide to Servant Leadership by Randy Sims


Worldview 201: Theological Engagement with Contemporary Culture

Class description: This class explores the core components of Christian Orthodoxy and then moves to consider how these theological considerations shape the way Christians view the modern world. Finally, the class will tackle current skepticism, especially in light of “New Atheism,” and make a compelling case for theism and Christianity. Students will grow in knowledge and understanding of theological and philosophical history and will practice high-level critical thinking.


  • Unit 1: Christian theology and life. You’ll read:
  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
  • Unit 2: Christianity in modernity. You’ll read:
  • Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton
  • Unit 3: The case for Christianity today
  • Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller


Theology 101: How to Read the Bible

Class description: This training experience is an introduction to the Bible to equip individuals with informed faith that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, is relevant to individual life today, and has the power to create change for the better. This class will also show learners an overall structure of the Scriptures while emphasizing those principles and resources crucial to a life-long passion for reading and understanding God’s Word.

Books you’ll need:

  • Paperback or hardback Bible (NIV or ESV), no digital Bibles
  • Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks


  • Week 1: What is the Bible? Why Study the Bible? (Origins, Translation, and Canonicity)
  • Week 2: The Book and Its Story. (Bible History 101)
  • Week 3: Observation, Interpretation, and Application
  • Week 4: Context!
  • Week 5: Genres and Reading Plans
  • Week 6: Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People


Literature 101: Fairy Stories Say it Best

Class Description: This class will introduce you to the power of story through C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and selected essays. By reading Lewis’ essays alongside his fiction you will see the thoughts behind the stories and gain a new perspective on both Narnia and the Christian worldview. As Lewis himself explained: “The Fantastic or Mythical is a Mode [that] can give us experiences we have never had and thus, instead of ‘commenting on life’, can add to it.” Students will also learn the skills of literary analysis and important literary terms.

Resources you’ll need:

  • The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis
  • The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis
  • Selected Essays by C. S. Lewis (provided by instructor)


  • Week 1: The purpose of “fairy” stories
  • Week 2: Magic and science
  • Week 3: Talking animals and the nature of creation
  • Week 4: On the order of your head, heart and stomach
  • Week 5: “Not safe, but good.”
  • Week 6: The problem of evil is nothing

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Can I get a group or family discount?
Yes! Contact Brandon Booth at 314-973-7294 to discuss the details.

What is my time commitment?
Each class consists of weekly, 1-hour long video conferences. Most classes also have required weekly readings averaging 30-50 pages. Additionally, some classes may require short written responses or engagement in online forums. On average you will be asked to complete 2-3 hours of work per week, including your video conference class.

What kind of computer equipment will I need?
You’ll need a computer, tablet or phone equipped with a microphone and a web camera. In addition, you’ll need a stable internet connection capable of handling video conferencing. If you’ve ever successfully called someone over Skype, FaceTime or similar apps, then you have what you need.

How big are the classes?
Classes are limited to 10 students. This ensures maximum access to your teacher and fellow students.

Do I have to take 101 classes before I take 201 classes?
Nope! Those level designations just help you pick the class that is best suited to your needs. In general, 101 classes assume that students have no knowledge of the topic and are best if you want to start at the beginning or if you want a refresher on the basics. 201 classes assume that you are already familiar with basic concepts and are ready to go deeper.

Can I take more than one class at a time?
Absolutely. You can take as many classes as you like, just be sure they don’t meet at the same time.

Can I see what it’s like to be in a class?
You sure can, here’s a short video:

Have more questions? Reach out and ask

Meet our instructors

Brandon Booth
Brandon has been a teacher and camp director with Worldview Academy for over 15 years. After hearing countless parents of students ask if Worldview offered training for adults, he finally decided to do something about it. So, in 2016, he launched a worldview mentoring program that quickly became Worldview Academy MasterClass. Drawing on his experience as a camp faculty member and a teacher and dean in a Christian classical school, he designed a program to equip adults with a deep understanding of biblical worldview so that they can effectively teach and communicate it. He is uniquely suited to teaching worldview and theology with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Hillsdale College and a master’s in Historical Theology from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Brandon lives with his family in Colorado where he serves as both Chief of Operations with Worldview Academy and Dean of Students for Worldview at the Abbey.

Michael DeGroat
Michael’s passion for empowering leaders began when he first attended Worldview Academy as a student in 2000. Since then, he has served as a Discipleship Staff member, Male Staff Discipleship Director, and, currently, Executive Director. Growing up on the mission field, Michael’s family worked in Christian camping globally. He graduated from LeTourneau University with a degree in International Business. Today, he makes his home with his wife, Melissa, in Dallas, where he can be found on a free weekend, turning a wrench on his off-road Jeep or seeking an outdoor adventure.