New for 2021: Worldview Institutes

A Worldview Institute may be coming to a church near you!

Our Worldview Institutes are day camps hosted in partnership with local churches and communities that allow students to experience a slightly modified Worldview Academy camp experience but in a day camp format, enabling them to sleep in their own bed at night. These camps also allow us to partner with families in different ways. If you have friends who are interested in Worldview Academy but cannot or are hesitant to attend a week-long residential camp, these Worldview Institutes would be a perfect way for them to engage with us.

Features of the Institutes include:

  • Local pastors and churches partner with Worldview Academy to host a day camp;
  • Worldview Academy faculty come to you;
  • Breakout sessions and local guest lecturers;
  • Students return home with their parents each evening;
  • Students unfamiliar with Worldview Academy can get a “taste” of camp at a lower cost;
  • Evening sessions and family activities are designed for parents and siblings as well as students.

Scheduled Institutes:

Click on the Institute listed for more information or to register for that week!