Redemption Church – Auburn, CA

Christianity and Culture Conference:
November 19-20, 2021


In a culture buffeted by widely divergent philosophies, we need to learn to stand on the solid foundation of Scripture and to understand the faith as a total worldview. Join Worldview faculty Friday night and all day Saturday at Redemption Church in Auburn, California, for two days of encouragement and growth.

Redemption Church
490 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA 95603 (map)


5:00 pm – Registration and Check in
6:00 pm – Welcome and Worship
6:30 pm – Session 1 – Building Blocks
7:30 pm – Break / Snacks / Coffee
7:50 pm – Session 2 – Four Duties of a Good Soldier
8:50 pm – Closing for Evening

9:00 am – Registration and Check In
9:30 am – Worship and Welcome
9:45 am – Session 3 – Tearing Up the Tracks that Lead to Destruction
10:45 am – Break / Snacks / Coffee
11:05 am – Session 4 – Kingdom of the Cults
12:05 pm – Worship and Dismiss for Lunch
1:45 pm – Worldview Opportunities
2:15 pm – Session 5 – Torn Between Two Worldviews
3:15 pm – Break / Snacks / Coffee
3:35 pm – Session 6 – Success
4:35 pm – Worship and Closing

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 Bill Jack – Bill Jack is an educator with ten years of experience in secular schools and 14 years with The Caleb Campaign, a creationist youth ministry. Bill is the faculty advisor for Worldview Academy and a full time faculty member with Worldview at the Abbey, an academic bridge year program that seeks to fully equip students to be salt and light on the college campus. Appearing on several radio and television programs, Bill’s passion is to raise up a generation of students who have the vision to reach their culture with the gospel, the valor to engage their culture with the truth, and a firm reliance on the virtue of the Word of God. Bill has three children and lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.





 Mike Schutt – Mike Schutt has served as Clinical Associate Professor at Trinity Law School and Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies (ICLS), a cooperative ministry of Trinity Law and Christian Legal Society, where he directed CLS’ Law School Ministries. Mike now serves as Executive Director of Worldview Academy and has served Worldview Academy as a faculty member since 2002.







 Mike Tiland – Mike has served with Worldview Academy since 2006 in several different capacities but now serves as Director of Operations, Camp Discipleship Director, and as Faculty ofTheology. He holds a Masters of Divinity degree in Christian Ministry from Southern Seminary and has also served on staff with a local church in South Carolina. He and his wife Angela live in central Texas with their three children.





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Session Descriptions:

Building Blocks: This session is an introduction to worldview principles. We will also examine various worldviews in contrast to the Scriptures.

Four Duties of a Good Soldier: This session will look at four principles that will help you engage effectively with those in your communities.

Tearing Up Tracks That Lead to Destruction: This session looks at the importance of language and introduces four killer questions that will empower you to derail faulty thinking and challenge others to think God’s thoughts.

Kingdom of the Cults: This session explores characteristics of pseudo Christian cults and suggests ways to effectively engage those trapped in these cults.

Torn Between Two Worldviews: This session provides practical tools for discerning the worldviews of others and for understanding the impact of these worldviews on our culture.

Success: This session looks at the the biblical definition of success and our pursuit of faithfulness in our relationship with the Lord.