Early Bird

Register for next season a year in advance.

• Lock in this year’s rate even if tuition rates increase for next year.
• Save $150 off tuition (based upon this year’s rate)
• This is the best rate we offer

How Early Bird Works:
At the end of the camp week you have the option to register your student for next year. You can also register as many siblings as you want at the same rate. Simply pay a $100 deposit for each student.

• The deposits you put down are nonrefundable. They are transferable to another camp or student within the same camp season (same year), but cannot be rolled over to the following season (year). Unused deposits will be donated to the scholarship fund.
• There’s nothing else you have to do. Your student(s) are registered. During the year, we’ll send you more information about your 2020 camp.
• You can also reserve spots for as many other students as you want, even if you don’t know exactly who they are yet. Those additional students won’t be registered for camp yet, they will just have a spot reserved. That spot will remain in your account until the family you reserved that spot for completes a Reservation Claim Form that is sent to you to give them. Unused spots can be canceled out and the deposit can be transferred to a student who will be attending.

Questions about Early Bird:

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
No. Early Bird deposits are not refundable. However, they are transferrable to any student and any week of camp in the same year.

Can I use the Early Bird to sign up younger siblings who haven’t been to camp before?
Yes! The Early Bird rate is not just for alumni. You can register anyone, even students not in your family. If you don’t know the exact name to put on the registration you can still make an Early Bird Reservation and we will work with you later in the year to confirm the name!

Can the Early Bird rate be combined with Black Diamond credits?
Yes, of course. We encourage our alumni to empower other leaders. One way to do that is by inviting them to camp too. All alumni receive a Black Diamond card after attending camp. They will earn $50 tuition credit for every student that registers using their unique Black Diamond code.