COVID Update

2021 Worldview Academy Standard COVID Protocol

For Worldview Academy Camps and Worldview Institutes

Worldview Academy’s mission is to train Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview so they will serve Christ and lead the culture. We believe that this is needed now more than ever and is best accomplished at an in-person camp!

Therefore, our goal for this summer is simple—that every student registered for camp can attend in person. This includes your student’s week and every following week.

To make that happen, we will comply with state, local, and campus guidelines. In addition we must create an environment for our students, faculty, and staff that allows them to dynamically engage with one another throughout our multi-site, multi-state, eight-week camp season without the setback of quarantine of our staff team.

As you read, please keep in mind that it is not always considered an “exposure” when a person has been with someone who has COVID. An exposure that would limit staff travel or shut down camp happens only where transfer of the virus is likely.

Based on our continuing review of state and local COVID requirements, CDC guidelines, communication with university authorities across thirteen states, and discussion with medical professionals, we have developed this Worldview Academy Standard COVID Protocol. Due to variations in state and local guidelines, some camps will have requirements that differ from the Standard Protocol. In addition, some specific camp protocols will vary from state or local guidelines; again, this is necessary to protect our faculty and staff from mandatory quarantine, causing cancellation of entire camps. (For details on how your student’s camp protocol may differ from this Standard Protocol, see our Camp Specific COVID Protocols).

We completely understand that you may not agree with every aspect of this protocol. However, we ask you to trust that we have done all we can to develop a policy that makes it most likely all students will have a camp to attend, even in the event of COVID symptoms at camp. We desire the least restrictive requirements possible while meeting these goals; please be assured that we will update these protocols as the situation changes.

We will be reviewing these guidelines on a weekly basis as local and university guidelines change. The protocols listed below are current as of April 5th. 

Again, exceptions to these protocols are listed on the Camp Specific COVID Protocols.


  • Students will be required to wear a face covering 1 when indoors, except during small group times, 2 during meals, or in extraordinarily large ventilated spaces.

  • No face covering is required outdoors. Many meals, small group discussions, and fellowship times will be outdoors.

  • Faculty will not wear a face covering while speaking.

  • Even when a face covering is not required, a student who desires to wear one, based on their own comfort or circumstances, will be encouraged to do so without judgment or criticism.

  • Limited medical exemptions will be honored. See our medical exemption guidelines.


  • Distancing will not be required within a small group while students are masked, even if indoors.

  • We will avoid gathering large groups in small indoor spaces.


  • Roommates will live in close proximity during the week and will be treated as a family unit. Masks are not required when in one’s own dorm room.

  • All dorm rooms will be double occupancy.

  • Single occupancy rooms are available on request for an additional $40 for the week.


  • Visitors are welcome anytime on campus.

  • Visitors must give advance notice to the Camp Director or Guest Relations Director before arriving on campus.

  • Visitors must also agree to adhere to any and all COVID protocols (including masks, distancing, and advance screening) while on campus.

Advance Testing/Screening

  • All camp participants will be required to fill out a Worldview Academy COVID Questionnaire 72 hours before arriving on campus.

  • All staff and faculty without antibodies will be tested for COVID before arriving on campus each week.

  • Students are encouraged to take care to avoid unnecessary exposure to the risk of COVID during the seven days prior to their camp.


These protocols are informed by medical advice, university regulations, CDC guidelines, and state and local law.

We will revise the protocols based on medical information and studies available closer to your camp, so they are subject to change! Please check the website for updates.

Students who desire to wear a face covering will be encouraged to do so, without judgment or any inference of a political, religious, or scientific position or statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a student shows symptoms of COVID-19?

The primary symptoms for COVID include fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. If any student demonstrates more than one of these COVID symptoms or has only one symptom that is nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell, or fever, that student will be sent home as soon as possible from camp. If the student desires to return to camp he/she will need to be fever/nausea/diarrhea free for 24 hours and present a negative COVID test in order to return.

A live streaming option will be available for most sessions of camp, and all students who have been required to leave camp will be provided with access to the robust schedule of live stream sessions.

Why does the Worldview policy not match the policy of the CDC?

The Worldview Academy protocols may vary from CDC, state, or local guidelines to avoid mandatory quarantine of our our faculty and staff in the event of a positive COVID case among students. This protocol is designed to avoid quarantine for our staff and students, even when symptoms occur on campus. This protects your camp, later camps, and your family vacation the week after camp. Mandatory quarantine of our staff would mean cancellation of entire camps!

The Worldview protocols are informed by medical advice, university regulations, CDC guidelines, and state and local law.

Due to variations in university guidelines, our campus protocols vary. For more details, see our Camp Specific COVID Protocols.

What if I don’t agree with the science behind masks?

The protocols are not optional, and they will be enforced by faculty and staff.

If you cannot commit to following the protocol as laid out, the face covering-optional camp in Missouri the week of July 25th might be a good choice for your family. See details on the Missouri camp here.

The protocols may differ from campus to campus, and exceptions (like the Missouri camp) are listed on the campus-by-campus matrix here.

What do I do if I have a medical exemption?

Worldview Academy does not recognize all medical exemptions. See our policy here. If you are granted an exemption, you will not be required to wear a face covering, but you will be asked to follow other protocols.

What if someone in my student’s small group has either a presumed or confirmed
COVID case?

Students with presumed or confirmed cases will be quarantined and sent home.

Students in the infected student’s small group will not be sent home, as that is the purpose of these protocols– to protect against quarantine and the shutting down of camp, even if a case arises!

For protocols on roommates, see the FAQ on roommates.

What happens to my student if my student’s roommate is sent home with a suspected COVID case?

There are many factors that will go into this decision. Our desire is for students to be able to remain at camp, when possible, so long as we are following campus and local guidelines.

There are, however, situations that will necessitate your student being sent home from camp if his or her roommate is sent home because of COVID. While it is impossible to nuance every specific situation, here are some guidelines that will inform our decision.

If your student’s roommate has either a confirmed positive COVID test or has a loss of taste or smell, your student will have had a “close exposure” to COVID as a result of being unmasked in close quarters with the infected person. Therefore, unless your student has the antibodies as a result of having already had COVID (with a positive antibodies test prior to camp) or has had a COVID vaccine, your student will be required to leave camp. Our robust live-streaming option will help mitigate the disappointment.  

If your student’s roommate has a “possible” case of COVID, with less obvious symptoms, but is sent home, your student’s situation will be evaluated based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors will include consultation with you, the parents, general guidance from our on-call medical professionals, the nature of the symptoms in light of circumstances, and the current facilities and campus guidelines. Until your student’s status is resolved, he or she may be placed in limited quarantine and asked to wear a face covering indoors when physically near others at camp. 

Will I be able to get a refund if my student is sent home for his or another’s COVID symptoms?

Students who are sent home for medical reasons will receive a refund of $50/day. This will apply to students who exhibit COVID symptoms and those who are sent home due to exposure to another with symptoms.

In addition to the $50/day refund, students will have access to the live stream.

With infection rates and consequences relatively low for those under the age of 20, why are young people wearing face coverings at camp?

Our protocols are based on the consequences to camp as a whole in the event of an exposure. We want to be able to offer an in-person camp experience for everyone!

The protocols are not based on fear of infection, but are carefully designed to protect the current week of camp and the following week of camp by avoiding quarantines of our students, faculty, and staff.

1A mask should cover the nose and mouth and be secured under the chin. It should fit snugly against the sides of face and be made of material that allows for easy breathing at all times. No gaiters, masks with valves, or face shields, please. Worldview Academy will provide a face covering for students who need one.

2 Small groups will meet outdoors or in large, well-ventilated spaces whenever possible. When groups cannot meet under these conditions, students may be asked to wear a face covering.

Click for the latest Camp Specific COVID Protocols.